Amazing diet for a fuller, thicker hair


Healthy eating has numerous benefits, and one of them is having a full head of thick, luscious hair. According to medical research, the length and sturdiness of your locks are directly related to what you eat.

For many people, it ‘s hard to follow a nutrition plan that prevents hair loss without a sustainable food supplement. However, with a regular intake of Provillus – the most nutritious treatment for thinning hair on the market – you manage to compensate for the low vitamin intake that results from nutritional derails.

Fuller thicker hair

Your hair’s health depends on the wellness of your scalp follicles, which need daily resources of nourishing vitamins and minerals. You can obtain a good part of these necessary nutrients by building your meal plan around these ingredients:

Foods that thicken your hair

The vitamin B complex is essential to growing a full set of hair on your head. You can obtain these compounds from whole grains, bananas and green leafy vegetables like spinach or broccoli. To boost your daily intake of vitamin B, you should also take two capsules of Provillus. This remedy for baldness revives your dying follicles and increases your hair production in less than three months.

Another important compound that adds thickness to your threads is zinc. This mineral is found in brown rice, beans, lentils and even oysters. If you rarely include these ingredients in your meals, you can still get a strong dose of zinc from a potent formula for hair regrowth like Provillus.

Get your voluminous hair from diet supplements

A diet that lacks enough minerals and vitamins has several adverse side effects on your health. Dry, flat hair is usually the first symptom that you are suffering from nutrient deficiency. To fight off this medical condition, you need to supply your body with enough organic compounds that will restore volume and glimmer to your mane.

Unfortunately, it is hard to get enough nutrients only from food sources to have a full set of hair on your head. Increase your vitamin intake with Provillus, a diet supplement that is packed with natural extracts from plants like pumpkin, saw palmetto, stinging nettle, and Eleuthero root.

Amazing diet tricks for a healthy mane

When people are told that they have to go on a diet to prevent hair loss, they imagine a restrictive meal plan that includes only vegetables and fruits. That is not true. In fact, you can safely consume chocolate and red meat to grow thicker and shinier locks. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and fiber, two components that improve your hair’s health. Lean red meat is packed with protein and healthy fats that give your mane a natural glow and prevent your strands from breaking quickly.

Do not worry if you cannot maintain a highly nutritious diet every day of the week. If you take Provillus on a daily basis, you can easily supply your body with a significant dose of vitamins and minerals that help you grow and maintain a full head of thick, radiant hair.

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