Why people come to church


People have received personal revelation by coming to church every time they felt unsecure or disparate about something. There are many reasons why people come to church but the most important ones are related to the great psychological impact this has on each one of them in a personalized way.

The benefits of coming to church

Church can be the place where you feel like home, where you are not judged or where everything you do is not controlled. People pray for themselves and ask God for what they wish to achieve, following to live by His rules for the rest of their life. Coming to church has saved many of us from a disorganized and anomic life as it has built a huge purpose for our lives, which is including peace and love. Many of us could admit that they found their true self while praying in the God’s home and while listening for the priests words.

Another reason why people come to glorify God at the church is related to their desire to help their family and friends. They are praying for these people regularly so that God may protect and bless them in everything they do. It is their love for the others that determine them to come to church and show in this way that they want the best for their family. Sometimes people come to church not necessarily because they are very religious but because they follow traditions like weddings, baptizes, or funeral services.

Whether we feel happy or helpless, the church is chosen by most of us. Here we thank God for his kindness or we ask Him for forgiveness and help. It is the place where we can strengthen our spiritual bond with divinity and with ourselves while we have a pleasant feeling of helping others through our payers.

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